Learn To Dance Argentine Tango

Argentine Tango in Norwich with Norwich Tango.

No tango due to current situation. 


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Frequently Asked Questions

Tango is a social partner dance that originated in Argentina in the 1880’s

Blackdale Building Main Hall
From Bluebell road, turn into University drive, go over the roundabout and turn right into the main car park. Proceed on foot back to the main roundabout, Walk along the road in front of the INTO building  Cross over the cycle path and the turn left into the Blackdale building car park. Enter the building via the main entrance and the main hall will be found on your left.

The Hive
From the main car park, cross University Drive on the Zebra crossing beside the bus stops.  Continue straight ahead down the slope past Congregation Hall on you left. Go straight ahead and enter the building vial the large glass sliding doors. Head toward the cafe and Tango will be found on your right.

Thomas Paine Study Centre (TPSC)
From the corner of the main car park opposite the security lodge, head over the mini roundabout and down the hill (Chancellors Drive). The TPSC (Business School) will be found on the right hand side. Enter via the entrance on the left hand corner of the building. Parking is available  behind  the Elizabeth Fry building opposite, or in the main car park.

You can drop into a class anytime as we run beginners classes on a repeating 5 week cycle. All classes start with a warm-up that covers the essential basics to get you going.

You do not require a dance partner as we rotate partners during the class.

Slippy soled shoes such as leather are ideal.

Tango is a walking dance so wear clothes that are comfortable to walk in.

Argentine Tango is mainly an improvised dance. Ballroom Tango is very structured around memorised steps.  You can learnBallroom Tango with our frinds at Dance Devotion.

You can contact us via Facebook or you can email info@norwichtango.uk

If you would like private lessons please ask in person, as these are subject to availability, mutual timings, and a suitable venue

A Milonga is an Argentine Tango social dance event.  The music is usually played in sets of 3 or 4 songs called Tandas

Tango is usually an emotional song and has a 2/4 signature.
Vals is in three time.
Milonga is a playful rhythm.

  • Argentine Tango is a close partner dance, so good hyygiene = more dances 🙂
  • When joining the dance floor be respectful to the other dancers.
  • Dance round the room in an anti-clockwise direction (Ronda)
  • Avoid trying to teach someone during a Milonga (Social dance)

Porselli Dancewear in Norwich sell dance shoes. 

John Groves and Babara Strobl started Argentine Tango in Norwich in 2001